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WanderBloomLifestyle Interior Design is the brainchild of Koji Shale.  She is an Interior Designer and Artist who studied Art and Architecture in Los Angeles, California where she lived for many years.  During her studies, she was drawn to Cubism and the neat and straight forms come through in the choice of shapes used in her work. Her style is a mix of contemporary with classical and she incorporates her Art within the Interior Designs; the free flowing feel of the art tones down the sharp edges brought about by the cubism influence.  Through the Bespoke Furniture offering of the business, we are able to design furniture specific to the interior design projects we work on. Koji’s use of neutral tones juxtaposed with colour will bring a contemporary and yet timeless appeal to your interior whilst still making it a comfortable and livable space.  Her style is bespoke without being intimidating; it lends itself to being very comfortable and inviting.

As the Head Designer of WanderBloomLifestyle Interiors, Koji would describe herself as having two distinct styles; one is bold, dark, woody colours with a lot of depth in the designs and the other one is light and airy with hints of colour mixed into the work.  Koji was raised by a father who was an entrepreneur and a mother who was a lecturer and avid gardener.  Her mother’s influence on the understanding and appreciation of foliage is seen in this designer’s work.  Koji also loves the warmth of good, solid wood and like wine enthusiasts she has chosen to have two distinctive styles as you would red or white wine.

This designer who not only holds a degree in Art and Architecture, but also has an Honours in Industrial and Organisational Psychology prides herself in having a passion for people and thus enabling her to form lasting relationships with her clients as she uses the techniques she learned in these fields in an integrated way to offer a superior Interior Design service and offering.  She is currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership Coaching at The University of Stellenbosch Business School.  Interior design services include: Full home remodelling, Full kitchen design and installations, bathroom remodeling, furniture design and installation, carpeting, tiling, wallpaper installation, accessorising, lighting design and installation of ceiling bulkheads, wooden flooring and art.